Tuesday, March 22, 2011

"How can I control my life when I can't control my hair?"

One of the many differences that Shelby and I have is our hair.  Shelby, for instance, has long, flowy, natural blonde hair.  While I, on the other hand, have short dyed brown hair that has been just about every color and style known to man.  I am a creature addicted to change, which causes me to partake in permanent and drastic changes to my look such as dying and cutting.  Shelby, on the other hand is more careful about the risks she takes with her hair, and instead takes a walk on the wild side by the way she chooses to style her hair.  She has gotten pretty good at twisting and pinning up her hair in a very pleasing and cute way.  And although I am (and always will be) a fan of her hair being all the way down, her braids and messy buns have started to grow on me! Take a look for yourself.... 

Don't worry boys, we're not going to do all our posts on girly, hair, fashion stuff like this all the time. But if you do happen to be reading this, it could maybe inspire you to appreciate when girls do unique stuff to their hair. (Just a tip!) haha. But anyway, both of these hairstyles are really simple to do. For the bun on the left, I just put the bottom half of my hair in a pony tail and started wrapping and braiding hair around it, and it took about 5 minutes! As for the fish tail braid, you can google that, it's honestly easier than a french braid. I have a lot of fun trying new ideas with my hair so I encourage all you non-hair dyers/cutters/feather-ers to do the same!

As i stated earlier I really enjoy, and am in constant need of change.  My hair has been a pixie cut, an A-line bob and just about everything else.  I have been a platinum blonde, dark brown, copper and purple.  But since, I am trying, for the first time in a MILLION years to grow my hair out, cutting is not an option.  I have found a new way to change my look through nifty little accessories called feather extentions.  Feather extensions are dyed feathers that you clamp into your hair right near your roots.  They last about a month and can be washed, curled, and blow dryed.  They are super fun and you can get them in all kinds of colors.  I chose to get them in more natural colors so that they blend into my hair.
Oh and P.S Steven Tyler and Ke$ha have them! (Don't let that disuade you from getting them)


  1. Shelby (and Mandy, who I don't know)- I admire you for doing this blog. The two individuals whom God made truly shine here.