Thursday, April 7, 2011

"Look Cool, Stay Cool"

 Hey everyone! Long time no blog right? Shelby and I (this is Mandi) have been super busy with school, eating cookies and just about everything else. But, we are back to the blogging world and we come with our desperate desire for the warm weather to come and stay here in good ole'  Stockton. So we decided to show you all a couple outfits that we are super excited to wear this summer! 
Well here I am, in one of my favorite dresses! My big sissy got it for me for Christmas from Urban Outfitters so you know its totally cool! I know its super simple with not much going on, but thats what summer is all about! Simplicity, relaxing, and staying COOL (temperature wise) And I'm wearing these gold earrings which I love just to yano, make it a little flashy! Oh and P.S my dress has pockets! :)
Here I am again, in a MAXI DRESS! I have always thought that only people like my dear friend Shelby who were blessed with legs as long as my entire body could pull off these dressed but I was wrong! This dress is new from Target for only 10 dollars, I am really looking forward to wearing it ASAP.

For starters, anything I wear is almost certainly from CROSSROADS. Hence, these awesome shorts! They are semi-high waisted and not too short, which is the perfect pair of shorts to me! Needless to say, I am very excited about them! haha. And this shirt is a Mandi-hand-me down that is pretty floral and great for Spring time.
Again, Crossroads is to thank for this dress. I stumbled upon it in the winter time, but it was cheap and cute so I got it and now have had to wait for the darn warm weather to come!! These shoes are my favorite sandals I'd say. I like them because they are very unique looking and none of my other sandals have laces!

Well I hope that our warm weather outfit ideas were interesting to you all! Stay tuned for Promenade(PROM) and B.O.S. (battle of the sexes) Week posts next week!!! :)  -Shelby

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