Sunday, March 20, 2011


So recently Mandi has been obsessed with becoming a "fashionista". Hourly, I hear her comment that she has no style and needs a new wardrobe.
Latest comment as of 3.5 seconds ago: "Good thing I have no freakin' clothes!"
 I attempt to assure her that she is blessed with very nice clothes and a great sense of style, but no luck yet. Her pursuit to fashionista status shall continue and I will accompany her because fashion is kinda fun to follow. So here are some of what we, the official fashionistas of The Wholesome Chronicles, think is hip, modest, and cute!

 This is Mandi, Polka Dots are really rad, In moderation of course.  The size of the Polka Dots on this shirt is the perfect balance between huge and obnoxious, and subtle.  Paired with bright orange scarf, and some 7 year old chuck Taylors!
 Lately, I seem to think that plaid is neutral, even though it's not, but I like to wear a plaid shirt over another printed shirt sometimes. And I have been inspired by Mandi to wear skinny jeans more often, and I like these ones because I don't usually wear red pants! Love, Shelby.
 Whoever said that leggings aren't pants are wrong. and they are not my friend.  LEGGINGS ARE TOTALLY PANTS and i will shout that till the day i die.  I really love wearing leggings, because I love tight pants.  I'm not emo, nor am I a hooch, but tight pants make me feel fashionable, therefore leggings are my best friend.
I wear these boots way too much, nearly every day. When I bought them, I thought it was risky and that I wouldn't wear them often because I didn't know what to wear them with. But I have found that they match just about everything I have, and they make me feel hard core and I'm not. :)

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